Venture into science

The Science Center Tietomaa has been offering great experiences to people of all ages since 1988. Functional exhibitions have given visitors the opportunity to try out various phenomena and make their own observations. In Finland’s first science center, you can learn and have fun, spend time with experiences and challenge your brain and body. The exploration of learning will continue again after the renovation and new construction are completed in 2026.

Open until 28 April 2024. Exhibition


Dinosauria presents with 20 moving dinosaur figure the most amazing monstrous lizards from the early Cretaceous period to the late Jurassic period.

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November 2023 - February 2024 Exhibition

Tietomaa on the road

Tour for the 3rd year classes of basic education with the theme of mechanics and energy.

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1.11.2023 News

Under renovation

The Science Centre Tietomaa has closed its doors for the duration of the renevation.The Science Centre will open its doors in summer 2026.

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